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99.6% Liquid 100nm3/h Argon/3000nm3/h Oxygen Plants Air Seperation Plant With Low Energy Consumption

99.6% Liquid 100nm3/h Argon/3000nm3/h Oxygen Plants Air Seperation Plant With Low Energy Consumption

    • 99.6% Liquid 100nm3/h Argon/3000nm3/h Oxygen Plants Air Seperation Plant With Low Energy Consumption
    • 99.6% Liquid 100nm3/h Argon/3000nm3/h Oxygen Plants Air Seperation Plant With Low Energy Consumption
    • 99.6% Liquid 100nm3/h Argon/3000nm3/h Oxygen Plants Air Seperation Plant With Low Energy Consumption
  • 99.6% Liquid 100nm3/h Argon/3000nm3/h Oxygen Plants Air Seperation Plant With Low Energy Consumption

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Certification: ISO9001;2008 CE cetificate
    Model Number: KDONAr-3000Y/1300Y/100

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Packed in standard export packing
    Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
    Supply Ability: 100sets month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Oxygen Plant Application: Separate Oxygen From Air
    Oxygen Output: 3000 +-5% Cube Meter Per Hour Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption
    Standard: ISO9001;2008 CE Cetificate Purity: 99.6%
    Argon Output: 100nm3/h Argon Purity: <2ppm O2,<3ppm N2

    99.6% Air Separation Plant KDONAr-3000Y/1300Y/100  Liquid Industrial Oxygen Plant With Low Energy Consumption

    1. Design point of Atmosphere
      Atmosphere pressure                                             101.3kPa(A)
      Atmosphere tempt.                                                32℃
      Relative humidity                                                  80% 
      O2 contained in air                                                20.95%O2
    2. Atmosphere tempt.
      Annual average tempt.                                           18.4℃
      Max. Tempt.                                                         40℃
      Min. Tempt.                                                         -1.8℃
      Summer average tempt.                                         30℃
      Winter average tempt.                                            7.5℃
    3. Earth shake degree:                                             <6 degree   
    4. Altitude:                                                              50m
    5. Impurity in air:
      CO2                                                                    ≤350 ppm
      SO2                                                                     ≤0.44 mg/m3
      H2S                                                                     ≤2.3 mg/m3
      CH4                                                                    ≤5.2mg/m3
      C2H2                                                                   ≤0.03 ppm
      CnHm(excluding C2H2)                                    ≤5 ppm
      Mechanical impurity                                              ≤10mg/m3
    6. Recycle water
      Inlet tempt.                                                          30℃
      Inlet pressure                                                        0.4 MPa(G)
      Max pressure drop                                                 0.2 MPa(G)
      Max tempt. rising                                                  10℃
      Turbidity of cooling water                                     12 mg/L
      PH value                                                              7.2
      Rigidity                                                               2.5
      Fouling factor                                                       0.0004 m2 hºC/ K.W
    7. Power condition
      High voltage power                                               10,000V±5%3 phases 3 ways
      Low voltage power                                                380V/220V±5%AC 3 phases 4 ways
      Frequency                                                            50±0.5Hz
    8. Instrument gas ( used for starting)
      Pressure                                0.5 MPa(G)
      Tempt.                                 ≤30 ℃
      Dew point                              <-40℃
      Flow                                  300m3/h
      Requirement                          oil free


      OUTPUT (Nm3/h)





      ≥99.6% O2




      ≤3 ppm O2


      Pure LAr


      ≤2 ppm O2,≤3 ppm N2


      Low pressure N2


      ≤10ppm O2



      1. Performance guarantee
    • Basic condition:

      6.2.1         HV 10KV±5% 3-phase, 3-wire, neutral point not earthing power supply.

      6.2.2         LV power supply 380V/220±5% 3-phase, 4-wire, neutral point earthing power supply.

      6.2.3         DC control power resource:DC220V.

      6.2.4         Buy should provide power net system drawing, short circuit capacity and single earthing capacitor current within one month after effectiveness of the contract.

      6.3   Selection of electric control system(Specificationa and quantity will be based on finaldesign)

      6.3.1         HV switch gear :

      Type                                                               Hand cart vacuum switch gear
      Technical data                                            10KV
      Lead-in panel and Potential transformer cabinet     1 set (by buyer)
      Transformer panel                                     1 set (by buyer)
      Air compressor panel                                2sets

      Recycling compressor panel                   2sets

      6.3.2         LV control panel
      Type                                                             Drawer type switch gear
      Parameter                                                     380V 35KA
      Qt.                                                                8sets

      6.3.3         DC power supply screen
      Parameter                                                     DC220V

      Qt.                                                                1set(by buyer)

    • Liquid varistor starter                                          2sets

      6.1.4         HV motor uses liquid soft starter. Busbar voltage will not less than 85% of it.

      6.1.5         HV system control is protected by computer comprehensive protection measuring control device.

      6.1.6         There is local panel for motor with necessary electric meters and signal and operation element.

      6.1.7         LV power resource has two incoming lines, among which one is as S/B.

      6.1.8         When LV motor start, LV busbar voltage drop will not be lower than 15%.

      6.1.9         MS heater tempt, is regulated by closed-loop power regulation.

    • Power supply by buyer:

      Incl.: Double metal thermometer,pressure gauge,3-valve group,low tempt.heater, etc.

      All connectors for measuring point on utility pipes ,root part valves are withinthe scope of engineering design.

      5.3.5 Instrument panel
      DCS panel                                     1pc

      Online analyzer panel                         1pc(all with wire and pipes.Outside purchased will be with that panel.)

      6. Electric control system

    • Design principle:
      1. It must be fit for reliable, easy operation and process requirement.
      2. Motor control ,  protection  and measuring  must be in accordance with China relative standards.
      3. 1 way incoming cable for high voltage
    • Trace O2 analyzer(0~10ppmO2)                  2 sets(imported)

      Trace moisture analyze(0~100ppmH2O)           1 set(imported)

      Thermal conductance Ar analyzer(0~15%Ar)              1set

      Thermal conductance Ar analyzer(80~100%Ar)           1set

      Constant O2 analyzer(0~5%O2)                  1set

    • Other instrument:                             1set
    • Pressure and pressure differential transformer           72setsAll kind of regulating valves of instrument                                       31set

      Switch over butterfly valves                   10sets
      Platinum resistance thermometer sensor               50ps

      Orifice plate                                  9ps

    • Analyzer instrument(incl. panel and pretreatment device and standard gas, etc.)
      CO2 analyzer                                                          (0~10ppmCO2)    1set(imported)
      Pure O2 analyzer                                                  (98~100%O2)     1set(imported)

      5.3. Scope of supply for instrument system(will be based on final design):

      5.3.1 DCS(Distributed Control System)              1 set

       Main hardware as:

         19” collor LCD operating desk                    2 sets

      Printer                                         1 set
      Control station (incl. all kind of  I/O card)  1set

      Terminal board and communication cable           1set

      System software(incl. technical paper)         1set

    • Main instrument
      UPS un-interrupted power supply(10KVA,15MINS s/b battery) 1set

      Delivery flow rate                                            18 m3/h
      Working pressure                                            0.6 MPa(G)

    • Design principle:
    • It should be able to control and supervise the whole process of the air separation plant to ensure the long stable roperation and easy maintenance.
    • It is of central control room(DCS) with local control panel and field control to ensure the reliability and advance.
    • There are 2 21  screen operation tables. It has supervision, display, or operation, adjusting, memory start interlock and protecting function. It can stop or start automaticly according to technological requirement, to open or close the calves. It also can be operated by manual to start,  stop or change the operation mode.
    • there are two printers in central control room recoording main parameters in the whole process of production and operation of the workers and system fault if it is over limitation separately.
    • Local control anels can dispay parcial parameters and operaion conditions, warning, etc.
    • Instrument power supply:1 circuit is of 380V AC,another 220VACand 24VDC.DCS system is supported by uninterrupted power. Instrument control power supply is by power supply panel of instrument control system.
    • Online analyzing room is provided in instrument pane Online analyzing technological data enters DCS system to display , recording, warning, etc. There is a manual valve analyzing panel.
    • Instrument selection
      1. DCS system is from Zhejiang Zhong Kong.or Belgium products.
      2. UPS is from Santak.
      3. On line analyzing instrument will be complete (electric and gas line will be within terminal and standard gas and pretreatment device provided).
      4. Regulating valves are from Zhejiang or simular products.
      5. Butterfly valve of M.S. purifier is from USA Bray product.
      6. Pressure, pressure difference transformer and flow transmitter is from joint venture products or advanced domestic products.
      7. 2 positions 3 ways and 2 positions 5 ways solenoid valves are from SMC,PARKER or simular products.
      8. Local flow meter is of glass rotor flow meter, and primary orifice plate for measuring the flow.
      9. Temp. measuring is of Pt100 with graduation and resistance within cold box is of double platinum resistance temperature sensor.
      10. Local and field panel indication is of spring tube pressure gauges.
      11. Local tempt, indication is of double metal temperature meter.


    Liquid Ar output 100nm3/h
    Liquid O2 output 3000nm3/h
    Liquid N2 output 1300nm3/h
    Low pressure N2 output 3600nm3/h
    Liquid Ar purity <2ppm O2,<3ppm N2
    Liquid O2 purity >99.6%
    Liquid N2 purity <3ppm O2
    Low pressure N2 purity >10ppm O2


    99.6% Liquid 100nm3/h Argon/3000nm3/h Oxygen Plants Air Seperation Plant With Low Energy Consumption

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