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550m3/h Industrial Oxygen Plant Air Separation Plant With CE Certificate

550m3/h Industrial Oxygen Plant Air Separation Plant With CE Certificate

    • 550m3/h Industrial Oxygen Plant Air Separation Plant With CE Certificate
    • 550m3/h Industrial Oxygen Plant Air Separation Plant With CE Certificate
    • 550m3/h Industrial Oxygen Plant Air Separation Plant With CE Certificate
  • 550m3/h Industrial Oxygen Plant Air Separation Plant With CE Certificate

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Tai Lian
    Certification: GB-150, CE,ASME, ISO9001,TUV
    Model Number: KDON-550/1000

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Packed in standard export packing
    Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
    Supply Ability: 100sets month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Oxygen Plant Application: Separate Oxygen From Air
    Oxygen Output: 550 +-5% Cube Meter Per Hour Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption
    Standard: ISO9001;2008 CE Cetificate Purity: 99.6%
    CO2: <350ppm SO2: 《0.44mg/m3

    99.6% Air Separation Plant FON 550/1000 Industrial Oxygen Plant With Low Energy Consumption


    • Technical Part.

      Annex . 1 Basic Design Condition

      1.1 Atmosphere Design Condition
      Atmosphere pressure                            101.3kPa(A)
      Atmosphere temperature                         30℃
      Relative humidity                            75%
      Atmosphere oxygen content                       20.95%O2

      1.2 Atmosphere temperature
      Annual average temperature                         18.4℃
      Extreme maximum temperature                       40℃
      Extreme minimum temperature                       -1.8℃
      Summer average temperature                        30℃
      Winter average temperature                        7.5℃

      1.3  Seismic force:                          <6 Mercalli Scale

      1.4  Altitude:                           50m

      1.5  Air composition at the end-user’s site:
      CO2                                  ≤350 ppm
      SO2                                                                    ≤0.44 mg/m3
      H2S                                  ≤2.3 mg/m3
      CH4                                  ≤5.2mg/m3
      C2H2                                 ≤0.03 ppm
      CnHm(except C2H2)                   ≤5ppm
      Dust content                          ≤10mg/m3

      1.6  Circulating water
      Inlet water temperature                  30℃
      Inlet/outlet water pressure               0.4 MPa(G)
      Max temperature rise                   0.2 MPa(G)
      Maximum temperature rise            10℃
      Cooling water turbidity                 12 mg/L
      PH                                 7.2
      Total hardness                        2.5
      Fouling factor                         0.0004 m2 hºC/ k.W

          Water consumption              ~33T/h(without oxygen compressor)

      1.7  Electricity supply
      LV                     380V/220V±5%AC three-phase four-wire system
      Frequency                                50±0.5Hz

          Loaded power         ~450KW(name card rate,not incl. O2 compressor)



      Annex. 2. Main technical parameter

      2.1 production capacity, purity and pressure

      Oxygen production                     550m3/h±5%

      Oxygen purity                         ≥99.6%O2

      Oxygen pressure                       ~0.034MPa(G)

      Nitrogen production                   1000m3/h±5%

      Nitrogen purity                        ≤10ppmO2

      Nitrogen pressure                      ~0.012 MPa(G)

      Production capacity(under condition of 0℃,101.325Kpa)

      2.2 start pressure                        0.65MPa(G)

      2.3 plant working period                  12 months

      2.4 start period                           ~24 hours

      2.5 unit power consumption                 ~0.6kWh/m3O2(without oxygen compressor)







       Annex.3 . process

      Type KDON-550/1000 Air separation plant adopts full low pressure flow, the technology process:

      Raw air from atmosphere enters air filter for removal of dust and other mechanical impurity and goes to non-lub air compressor. After two stage compression to approx  0.65MPa(G) it goes to precooling unit to be cooled to  5~10℃,then goes to switch over MS purification system for absorbing of moisture, CO2 and CnHm.  MS absorber purifier consists of MS vessels . While one MS absorber is working, the other is regenerated by waste nitrogen via heater to regenerate the MS.

      After purified, a small part of air is used as bearing gas for gas bearing expansion turbine. The rest enters cold box in which it is cooled in main heat exchanger by reflux(pure oxygen, pure nitrogen, waste nitrogen, etc. ) . Part of air is sucked from the middle of main heat exchanger to expansion turbine. Most of it after expansion  via sub-cooler after cooled by oxygen in upper column is delivered to upper column. Small part goes to waste nitrogen channel via reheated out of the cold box. The rest continues to be cooled down in main heat exchanger to near liquefied air tempt. to  lower column.

      In lower column , air is preliminary separated to nitrogen and oxygen enriched air.  In condenser-evaporator, nitrogen is condensed while liquid oxygen is evaporated at the lower pressure side. Part of liquid nitrogen is used as reflux for lower column while the other part is abstracted from top of lower column via liquid air, liquid nitrogen sub-cooler is subcooled by pure nitrogen an waste nitrogen and throttled to be delivered to middle part of upper column as reflux.

      Product oxygen is abstracted from lower part of upper column and is delivered out of the cold box via expanded air sub-cooler, main heat exchanger to be reheated. Part is used as regenerated gas for MS purifier. Pure nitrogen is abstracted from top of upper column. Via liquid air liquid nitrogen sub-cooler and main heat exchanger it is reheated and delivered out of cold box.

      Oxygen from distillation column is compressed by O2 compressors to regulated pressure to customer.


       4,scope of supply of machinery

      4.1,Air compressor(Piston type oil free compresoor)   3 sets(Liu Er Kong)

      Model                                VW-22/6.5

      Discharge capacity                   22m3/min

      Discharge pressure                   0.65MPa(G)

      Motor power                           120kW

      Cooling water consumption              ~5t/h

      Cooling water temp.                    ≤30℃

      Cooling water pressure                  ≥0.3MPa

      scope of supply:

      4.1.1 Main motor                      3 sets

      4.1.2 Compressor body                3 sets

      4.1.3 Electrical control panel       3 sets

      4.1.4 Spare parts                    3 sets

      4.1.5 End stage cooler               3 sets

      4.2,Air balance tank          1 set(3 inlets, 1 outlet)

            Volume                              5m3

          Working pressure                    0.8MPa

      4.3,Air precooling unit       1 set(Jialian)

      Model                                GAYL-3960/8

      Air processing capacity              3960m3/h

      Inlet pressure                       ≤0.8MPa(G)

      Air inlet tempt.                     ≤40℃

      Air outlet tempt.                    ~8℃

      Motor power                          ~19kW

      Circular water pressure              ≥0.3MPa

      Circular water inlet temp.           ≤30℃

      Circular water capacity              ~18t/h

      Scope of supply:

      4.3.1 Imported refrigeration compressor    1 set

      4.3.2 Condenser                            1 set

      4.3.3 Evaporator                           1 set

      4.3.4 Pipes, valves                        1 set

      4.3.5 Refrigerating auto-control element   1 set

      4.3.6 Electric control board               1 set

      4.3.7 Operation instrument panel           1 set

      4.3.8 Water separator                      1 set

      4.3.9 Liquid level drainer                  1 set

      Note:All above is designed as one block.

      4.4,MS purification system    1set 

        Model                                 HXK-3960/8

        Process air                           3960m3/h

        Working pressure                      0.8MPa

        Air tempt. to purification absorber   12℃

        Absorbing time                        8h

        Regeneration gas tempt. to absorber   250℃

        Regeneration gas tempt. out of absorber  100℃

      Heater power                          60kW

      Scope of supply:

      4.4.1 MS absorbing drum(including M.S.) 2sets

      4.4.2 Heater                         1set

      4.4.3 Filter                         1set

      4.4.4 Valves                         1set

    • 4.5,Distillation column  1 set


       Model                                FON-550/1000

       Type                                 2 stages rectification

       Process air                          3600m3/h

       O2 capacity                          550m3/h±5%

       O2 purity                            ≥99.6%O2

    N2 capacity                          1000m3/h±5%

       N2 purity                            ≤10PPm O2

       Dim.                                 2600×3000×22000mm

    Scope of supply

    4.5.1 Main heat exchanger             1pc


    4.5.2 Subcooler                      2ps

      4.5.3 Condenser-evaporator            1set


    4.5.4 Rectification column          1 set

       4.5.5 Cold box                       1set

    4.6,Expansion turbine         1 pair 2 sets(Jiangyang)

      Model                                 PLPK-10.6/5.7-0.47

      Flow                                  636m3/h

      Inlet tempt.                          130K

      Inlet/outlet pressure               ~0.67MPa(A)/0.147MPa(A)

      Working medium                        Air

    Air Braking method                   Fan braking

    Insulation                            ≥78%

    Scope of supply:

     4.6.1 Expander machine body             2PCS

     4.6.2 Expansion joint                   4 PCS

    4.6.3 Inlet filter                       2 PCS

     Note:All above is designed as one block.



    CO2 <350ppm
    SO2 <0.44mg/m3
    H2S <2.3mg/m3
    CH4 <5.2mg/m3
    C2H2 <0.03ppm
    Dust content <10mg/m3
    PH 7.2
    Total hardness 2.5



    KDON - 550/1000 oxygen plant

    550m3/h Industrial Oxygen Plant Air Separation Plant With CE Certificate





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