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GB700-88 Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line ZG60 High Frequency Pipe Mill Line

GB700-88 Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line ZG60 High Frequency Pipe Mill Line

    • GB700-88 Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line ZG60 High Frequency Pipe Mill Line
    • GB700-88 Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line ZG60 High Frequency Pipe Mill Line
    • GB700-88 Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line ZG60 High Frequency Pipe Mill Line
  • GB700-88 Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line ZG60 High Frequency Pipe Mill Line

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: china
    Certification: ISO9001;2008
    Model Number: ZG 60

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Packaging Details: Export standard packing
    Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
    Supply Ability: 50sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application: Form Steel Tube From Steel Coil Steel Tube Output: 30-80Meters Per Minute
    Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption High Speed: 30-80M/min

    GB700-88 Straight Seam Welded Tube Mill Line ZG60 High Frequency Pipe Mill Line



    Steel tube output




    Wall thickness

     1.0-3.0mm (square tube and special-shaped tube δ≤2.5mm)


     Cold CNC cutting saw

    1. Description
    This equipment is specially used for producing Φ19-Φ63.5mm, 1.0-3.0mm high-frequency straight seam welded tube and corresponding square tube and special-shaped tube (δ≤2.5mm). The composition of equipment is from uncoiler to fixed length cutting saw. Rolling speed can be adjusted correspondingly within suitable range of tube diameter and wall thickness.
    2. Applicable material:
    (1) Hot or cold-rolled steel strip (As per GB700-88)
    (2) Material: Low-carbon steel, low alloy steel, galvanized steel strip
    (3) The thickness of steel strip: 1.0-3.0mm (As per GB708-88)
    (4) The width of steel strip: 60-200mm
    (5) I.D. of steel coil: Φ450-Φ550mm
    (6) O.D. of steel coil: Φ800-Φ1200mm
    (7) Maximum weight coil: 3000kgs
    3. Dimension range of processing steel tube:
    (1) O.D.: Φ19-Φ63.5mm
    (2) Wall thickness: 1.0-3.0mm (square tube and special-shaped tube δ≤2.5mm)
    (3) Length: 4-8M
    4. Milling speed: 30-80M/min(choose different speed as per different pipe diameter and thickness)
    5. Product (steel tube) process flow:
    Raw material (steel coil) → uncoiling → shearing and end welding → material accumulating → non-power leveling → mill-forming → high-frequency welding → removing burrs outside of weld seam → cooling → sizing → roughly straightening → fixed length cutting → finishing tube
    7. Roller

    1. Rolls for welded tube will be ordered additionally according to type and specification provided by customer.
    Material: Cr12mov
    9. Technical appendixes
    a. Uncoiler

    Structure type: Double-side180ºrotary HYDRAULIC expanding tight, which insure steel coil feeding alternatively and make steel strip going into accumulator freely.

    Applicable range:

    Steel strip width: 60-200mm

    Thickness: 1.0-3.0mm                  

    Steel coil O.D.: Φ800-Φ1200mm

    Steel coil I.D.: Φ450-Φ550mm

    Steel coil weight: Max.3000kgs

    Hydraulic parts: YUKEN

    Pneumatic parts: AIRTAG

    AC motor: Siemens Beide
    b. Shearing and butt-welder:

    Usage: ensure two coiled steel strips shearing tidily and then welding together and
    leveling weld sea
    c.Horizontal-type accumulator: (AC motor is SIEMENS BEIDE with ABB adjustor )

    The steel strips strips stored in it shall be enough to ensure main machine to run continuously while welding two coiled strips.

    (1) Structure:Horizontal-type plate-welded part with automatic feeding and delivery system.  Feeding motor: AC 15KW and Driven motor: AC 18.5KW

    (2)Accumulating volume: 150-300M.

    Horizontal type accumulator

    d. Forming, welding and sizing unit:

     (NSK bearing used for horizontal and vertical stands)

    (1) Feed leveling device:

    a. Type: 5 rolls are passively leveled for leveling strip steel to make steel strips go into forming device.

    b. Guiding roll: One pair

    (2) Forming device:

    Mainly roughly mill-forming steel strip and controlling weld seam.

    a. Horizontal roll stand:

    Quantity: 7

    Structure: Cast steel, double housing, changing rolls in the side

    Diameter of horizontal roll’s shaft: Φ70mm, material: 42CrMo
    b. Vertical roll stand:

    Quantity: 9(vertical miller group)

    Type: Passive rotation

    Diameter of vertical roll’s shaft: Φ40mm, material: 45# steel

    c. Drive gear box

    Quantity: 7

    Structure: Spiral bevel gear, cylindrical gear

    Material: casing: QT50, gear: 20CrMnTi and 40Cr, input and output shaft: 40Cr

    Drive transmission: 14 sets of Jeep Auto 212 universal transmission shaft

    d. One set of bed for installation
    (3) Guiding extruding and welding scraping apparatus:

    a. One set of guide roll stand for controlling direction of pipe seam to insure pipe seam flatly and straightly entering into extruding rollers.

    b. One set of extruding roll stand for controlling weld seam to realize successful welding.

    c. Two sets of scraper frame for scraping outside weld seam

    d. Installation bed along with forming machine

    (4) One set of water cooling device.

    (5) Sizing device: Mainly fine shaping pipe after welding and controlling size accuracy. Each 6 sets of horizontal roll stand, vertical roll stand and drive gearbox, 12 sets of universal shaft. (Structure same as forming device)

    (6) Roughly straightening machine frame:
    a. Type: Turk’s head type, 4 rolls single side             two sets
    b. One installation bed along with sizing main machine.

         (7) Driving system: The main unit is connected with main reduce by major motor and transmits power to gearbox branches, then gearbox branches drive upper and down shafts on horizontal roll frame.
    a. Main motor:  Z4 series, DC 185KW (Hengli DC motor)       one set
    b. Main reducer: ZLYseries (outside four-shaft ends)            one set
    e. High-frequency welder: (Prpeared by buyer/end-user)
    Solid-state High-frequency welding machine: 200KW
    Include DC speed adjustor, overall control table and button station
    f. Cold CNC cutting saw:


    Cold cutting

    (1),maximum diameter


    (2),maximum thickness


    (3),cutting length
    and precision


    (4),driving type

    Hydraulic controlled

    (5),size of saw blade


    (6),driving motor

                Servo motor 15KW

    (7),cutting motor

                      AC 7.5KW

    (8),feeding motor

               Servo motor 2.9KW

    (9),speed of cutting

    Maximum 80M/min


    Driven motor:    AC servo motor Yaskawa made in Japan  15KW
    Feeding motor:  AC servo motor Yaskawa made in Japan  2.9KW
    Cutting motor:   AC SIEMENS BEIDE made in China  7.5KW
    Hydraulic parts: YUKEN
    Pneumatic parts: AIRTAG

    Saw blade: KINKELDER made in Holland(Imported high-speed steel PVD coating technology)
    g. Run-out table:
    Welded frame structure equipped
     with sizing signal system

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    Contact Person: Mr. Yao junming

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