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Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm

Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm

    • Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm
    • Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm
    • Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm
  • Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Certification: ISO9001-2008
    Model Number: WD-1500×(1.2-5.0)

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Packaging Details: Export standard packing
    Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
    Supply Ability: 100sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Slitting Type: Active Slitting With Tensile Shearing Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption
    High Speed: 0-60M/min Application: Industry
    Material: Common Carbon Cold Rolled Bright Steel Coil, Stainless Steel


    Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm


    1. Main usage


    It is used to slit the steel coil to the rated width. It could cut different kinds of metal coils with different blades and prepare the billet for next process ( such as rolling, welding pipe, cold bending and punching).


    2. Technical process ( including the process drawing)

             Stuff preparing —stuff loading—stuff uncoiling—draw pinching-—front loop rack ( loop pit)—transition rolling platform—slitting line main machine—transition stuff guiding platform(edge wire pit)—edge wire coiler—back loop splint ( loop pit)—pre-sub/pressing materials tension damping device—pinching—coiler—unloading—production packing.


    3. Equipment technical parameter confirmation letter

    Specification(raw material):

    1. Applicable materials:Common carbon hot rolling steel coil(such as Q195,Q215,Q235)
    2. Quality:domestic/imported certified products steel coil(meet JIS standard)
    3. Tensile strength:δb≤500Mpa,yield strength:δs≤250Mpa
    4. Thickness:1.2mm—5.0mm
    5. Width:800mm—1500mm
    6. Inner-diameter:φ500mm – φ760mm
    7. Out-diameter:≤φ2000mm
    8. Weight:≤25T


    • Products specifications:
    • in-diameter:φ610mm
    • out-diameter:≤φ2000mm
    • coiled product weight:≤25T
    • slitting capability: 15 lines(thickness 1.2mm-2.0mm)

                             12 lines(thickness 2.01mm-3.0mm)

    8 lines(thickness 3.01mm-4.0mm)

    6 lines(thickness 4.01mm-5.0mm)

    Narrowest production:  60mm(thickness 1.2mm-5.0mm

    One side sliver width:≥3.0mm(thickness 1.2mm-3.0mm)

    ≥thickness of the plate(thickness≥3.0mm)

    Two sides should have 2 slivers


    1.  Other parameters:
    2. 1,Slitting speed:about0-60m/min(stepless speed regulation)
    3. 2,Slitting type :active slitting with tensile shearing
    4. 3,Power:380V/50Hz/3ph(it could be determined by buyer)
    5. 4. Config.:electrical panel            1set
    6.            Main control panel          1 set
    7.            Assistant control panel      2 sets
    8.  5,Production direction:by customer(face to machine)
    9. left-in and right-out    right-in and left out
    10. 6,Plant area:about 25 meters ×8 meters
    11. 7,Operator:main skilled operator 1-2persons, assistant 2-3persons
    12.    Note:Specific number of operators depends on actual situation of customer's
    13.     8,color:Concave-convex phthalocyanine green
    14.     Remarks: all the above parameters is primary data only for reference. If buyer has any other requirement, please contact us to make the best proposal.



    4. Equipment configuration

    ,Equipment composition:

    1. Stuff stacking rack (each one for left and right side)  1 set
    2. Hydraulic loading trolley        1set
    3. hydraulic taper expansion/contraction material hanging uncoiler       1set
    4. Automatic hydraulic pressure driving feeding machine         1set              
    5. leading terminal and shoveling terminal     1set
    6. traction pinch initial correction machine  1set
    7. steel strip head/tail shearing machine     1set
    8. front looper pallet rack (looper pit)    1set
    9. center directing and correcting device     1set
    10. slitting host machine            1set
    11. transitive material guide rack   1set
    12. sliver rolling machine           2sets
    13. back looper pallet rack(looper pit)       1set
    14. Pre-sub/pressing materials tension damping device 1set
    15. Hydraulic slitting pressing device   1set
    16. rolling host machine             1set
    17. rolling support                  1set
    18. Hydraulic unloading trolley      1set
    19. Hydraulic pneumatic system       1set
    20. Eclectic controlling system      1set


    Other parameters:


    Main components drive motor:

    Loading trolley                           2.2KW     1set

    Uncoiler                                  4KW     1set

    Traction pinch initial correction machine      22KW     1set

    Slitting host machine                      90KW     1set

    Upper horizontal shaft pressing motor         2.2KW     1set

    Sliver rolling machine (one for each side)      15KW       2sets

    Rolling host machine                     200KW      1set

    Unloading trolley                         2.2KW     1set

    Hydraulic Station                         11KW     1set

    loading machine capacity:about 380KW


    Stuff stacking rack


    1. It is used to stack stuff in order to leed and transport the stuff.

    2. it is welded by steel plate with V shape

    3.Max bearing weight: 25T

    Stuff scope: width 900mm-1500mm


    Hydraulic pressure loading trolley:

    1. Function:Working as prepare, transit and hang materials. Lifting and horizontal movement,which is very convenient to lead the steel coiler to collapsible drum coiler, using hydraulic cylinder to lift,using cycloid reducer to horizontal movement;
    2. structure:welded by steel plate and profile steel
    3. Max weight load:25ton
    4. Walking motor:BWED32-121-2.2KW(WUXI)


    1. Hydraulic taper expansion/contraction  material hanging uncoiler:
    1. function:It adopts taper 2 ways fixing structure with mechanical dampling structure to control tension uncoiling ,feeding materials steady as the speed of sliting machine.
    2. structure:Made by uncoil rack and roll drum. uncoil rack is welded by steel plate and profile steel;Roll drum made by center axis and sector board.
    3. Max weight load:25ton
    4. Adaptive swelling coil inner hole:φ500mm—φ760mm


    Automatic hydraulic pressure driving feeding machine,

    leading terminal and shoveling terminal:

    1. function:through automatically feeding materials and working by hydraulic shoveling terminal,move leading terminal safely, then send in Traction pinch initial correction machine.
    2. power:BWED53-253-4KW(WUXI)

    structure:Welding by steel plate and profile steel.

    Hydraulic Common Carbon Hot Rolling Steel Coil Slitting Machine Thickness 1.2mm -5.0mm

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    Contact Person: Mr. Yao junming

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