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SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic

SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic

    • SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic
    • SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic
    • SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic
  • SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Certification: ISO9001-2008
    Model Number: WD-1250×(0.2-2.0)

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Packaging Details: Export standard packing
    Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
    Supply Ability: 100sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Slitting Type: DC PLCS Stopping Sliting Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption
    High Speed: 0-32M/min Application: Industry
    Material: Common Carbon Cold Rolled Bright Steel Coil, Stainless Steel


    SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic

    • 1 Equipment technical parameter confirmation letter

      Specification(raw material):

    • Applicable materials:stainless steel coil(such as SUS201,SUS202,SUS304)
    • Quality:domestic/imported certified products steel coil(meet JIS standard)
    • Tensile strength:δb≤500Mpa,yield strengthδs≤300Mpa
    • Thickness:0.2mm-2.0mm
    • Width:330mm-1250mm
    • Inner-diameter:φ508mm
    • Out-diameter:≤φ1000mm-1500mm
    1.  servo sizing precision leveling system

      9.1 For the fine sizing and precious leveling.

      9.2 structure servo motor, reducer, sizing roller, gateway, cylinder, gear, bearing, box, wall seeker, coupling, cardan shaft, synchronization devices

      9.3  Use Yaskawa of Japan and the set of electrical device.

      9.4  Servo motor  15KW( YASKAWA, Japan)

      9.5 Use previous grinding gear reducer.

      9.6 Use fixed ruler rod to make encoder rotate. PLC will calculate the length to reach a previous length.(upon the user)

       The bridge rack

      10.1 made of shelf plate and Anti scratch Cots

      10.2 To guide the finished material in to shearing machine

        shearing machine :(servo control continuous shearing)

      11.1:servo controls to shear the steel plate.(2.0mmx1350mm)

      11.2 motor rate: 22kw servo motor( wuxi xianfeng)

      11.3 it adopt upper shearing to avoid burr.

      11.4 add material passive rubber roller to avoid abrasion.

       conveying system

      12.1 lead the sheared plate to stacking platform.

      12.2 consist of shelf, roller, reducer, reducer box, rod, conveying belt

      12.3 Motor rate 5.5KW( Wuxi mingli)


      13.1 function. Make a force to deduce the speed of material to avoid abrasion.

      13.2 Motor rate 5.5kw (wuxi mingli)

       Gathering and arrangement system

      14.1 function: store the finished material and make it neat. Make reciprocating action.

      14.2 Make of square tube, channel steel, walking motor, synchromesh gear, light bar, wire bar, swift, chain wheel, chain, ,cylinder, bearing, arrangement plate, stripper plate. Hand wheel.

      14.3 The adopt plate length is 500mm-3000mm, width is 300mm-1250mm.

      14.4 The width and length is adusted by moto, Motor type is Y80M1-4-0.55KW 2SET(Wuxi mingli), WBE1285-121-LD-YEJO.37KW 1SET(Wuxi Mingli),  With electric brake.

       X lift material storage platform.

      15.1 Make of channel steel, steel and two cylinder realize lift (dia 125mm)

      15.2 Arrange the finished material

      15.3heright of material  <400mm

      15.4 loading weight MAX 10T

      15.5 the Platform can arrange the material length 500mm-3000mm, width 300mm-1250mm.

       unloading trolley

      16.1 Transfer the neat finished material and pack.

      16.2 Make of channel steel. Motor .walking wheel, late and bearing.

      Hydraulic and pneumatic system

      A Hydraulic SYSTEM

      A-1 make of motor(11kw) , oil pump, Hydraulic valve, cylinder box , pipe and so on.

      A-2 Contol the Hydraulic system of the whole machine.

      A-3 System pressure 12MPA

      A-4 Working pressure 8-9 Mpa.

      B pneumatic system

      b-1 The pipe is  made of seamless steel . cylinder, valves are connected by PU pipe.

      B-2 the cylinders are made under QGSsystem, and the sealing rings are made from shengyang keda research center

      B-3 Air source treatment FRL and Electromagnetic reversing valve are made of Taiwan Yadeke.

      18 Electric control system

      18.1 Electric control cabinet    1set

       Main operating cabinet     1set

      assist operating cabinet     1set

      combined type cabinet      1 set

      18.2 realize the operating of the whole system. The main operating cabinet has the function of digital display, length determination, auto calculate, speed adjustment, manual feed, continuous produce and jam alarm.

      7.2 structure:it consists of  steel plate and profiled steel. There are paasive roller every 350mm on the rack (dia. φ60mm). Working length 1350mm.

      centering device:

    2. Structure: it consists of guide rack, beenline type railwayφ56, hi precision chrome plated guiding roller, copper pin, regulating rod(40cr,for regulating), sliding seat, high precision chrome plated guiding rod(40cr, for regulating) and hand wheel(copper).
    3.  Make the center of material the same as the center of the system. To avoid deviation and improve quality. 
    4.  material support rolling rack

    5.  function:Guiding produced plate into shearing host machine.
    6. 6.1it adopts 21 rollers mangling type.( including 2 loading rollers).

    7. Host machine structure:wall plate(thickness 65mm,material:45 steel plate,heat treatment),machine seat (welded by steel plate),mangling roller(material:Gcr15,roller dia.φ82mm,quenching,HRC 60°~62°,grinded),beam,turbo rod,turbo case,BWD2-43-1.5Kw reducer.   
    8. Upper and lower support roller rack: upper and lower roller rack ( weled by steel plate, quenching), upper and lower roller(material:Gcr15,roller dia.φ82mm,quenching,HRC52°~55°,grinded), upper and lower support roller shaft (material:40cr,processing,HRC26°~28°).
    9. inner roll rack, (material 9cr2mo, diameter 50mm, fire treat the surface, strength HRC56°~58°, fine grinding,, chrome plated and fined polished)
    10.  Structure of flattening machinee:motor(37kw,DC speed adjustable),gear case,JZQ500 reducer,SWC80-510 universal coupling and motor base.
    11. flattening host machine:
    12. material hanging support:

      4.1The main function is reducing load for main bearing,make main bearing uniform load,in case of main bearing's deform.

      4.2 It consists of rack,oil cylinder,support,swing arm,shaft pin and so on

        hydraulic auto pressing and feeding, seeker and material support:

    13. funtion:it makes the head of steel stripfeed to the feeding and punching machine.
    14. power:motor  BWED42-253-2.2KW(wuxi)
    15. structure:wled by steel plate and profield bar.
    16. Hydraulic pressure loading trolley:

      Hydraulic pressure loading trolley:

      2.1 Max lifting weight is 15T

      2.2 structure  it is made of V shelf , lower fixed frame, guide sleeve, fixed sleeve, guide rod, walking system and lifting cylinder(diameter 160mm)

      Walking motor BWED41-121-1.5KW(WUXI)



      hydraulic expansion/contraction material uncoiler

      3.1 function:it is with structure of single-cantilever and magnetic powder clutch(mode: FZJ-500.M). it controls constant tension open-book:it is with emergency brake,feeding materials steady as the speed of main cutting machine.

      3.2 structure:Made by uncoil rack and roll drum. uncoil rack is welded by steel plate and profile steel;Roll drum made by center axis and sector board.

      3.3 Max weight load:15T

    17. adaptive swelling coil inner hole:φ508mm
    18. Other parameters:

      Main components drive motor:

      Loading trolley                      1.5KW     1set

      Uncoiler                          2.2KW     1set

      Traction pinch initial correction machine                 37KW     1 set

      Upper horizontal shaft pressing motor                1.5KW     2 set


      Servo sizing system                15KW       1set


      Sliver rolling machine                     22KW     1sets

      Transaction system                         3KW      1set

      Fan                                        5.5kw    1set

      Storage system                           0.55kw         2set

                                             0.37kw           1set

      Unloading trolley                    1.5KW     1 set

      Hydraulic Station                       11KW     1 set

      loading machine capacity:about110KW


      Functions and structures

       Preparation Platform (one left and one right)

    19. For the maintenance of stainless steel for the loading and transaction of loading trolley.
    20.  Made of stainless steel and it is V type
    21.  The loading capacity is 15T
    22. The max out diameter of stainless steel is  1000mm-1500mm
    23.  fan          1 set
    24. Material arrangement system                1 set
    25. X lift for material                 1 set
    26. Hydraulic unloading trolley                     1 set
    27. Hydraulic pneumatic system                     1 set
    28. Eclectic controlling system                         1 set
    29. 12.sliver rolling machine                       1 set

    30. transaction system          1 set
    31. 2. Hydraulic loading trolley                    1set

    32. hydraulic expansion/contraction material hanging uncoiled                         1set
    33. material hanging support                   1 set
    34. Automatic hydraulic pressure driving feeding machine             1 set
    35. leading terminal and shoveling terminal         1 sett
    36. host machine for levelling                  1 set
    37. Live pallet rack                   1 set
    38. center directing and correcting device                     1 set
    39. slitting host machine                        1 set
    40. transitive material guide rack                     1 set
    41. other parameters

      1,flattening type:DC PLCS stopping sliting

      2,power:380V/50Hz/3ph(it could be determined by buyer)

      3,config.:electrical panel            1set

                 Main control panel          1 set

                 Assistant control panel      2 sets

                 Portable button case        1 set

      4,Production direction:by customer(face to machine)

      left-in and right-out    right-in and left out

      5,Plant area:about 22 meters ×8 meters

      6,Operator:main skilled operator 1-2persons, assistant 2-3persons

         Note:Specific number of operators depends on actual situation of customer's

      7,color:computer-gray and orange pattern(for export plant)

       Remarks: all the above parameters is primary data only for reference. If buyer has any other requirement, please contact us to make the best proposal.


      Signature and seal for buyer        Signature and seal for seller:

      2. Equipment configuration

      Equipment composition:

    42. Martial preparation platform(one left one right)  1 set Weight:≤15T
    43. Products specifications:

      1,Slitting speed:about 0-32m/min(stepless speed regulation)

      2  length Tolerance:±1.0mm/2000mm

      3 Diagonal Tolerance ±1.5mm/2000mm

      4 Produce capacity  15pcs/min

      5 Length of products 500mm-3000mm

      6  length of Stacking feeding platform: about 3500mm

      7 loading capacity of X-lifting platform   10T

    44. height of stack stuffing ≤400mm

    SUS202 / SUS304 Stainless Steel Coil Slitting Machine Fully Automatic

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