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C2H2 / H2S / SO2 Industrial Air Separation Plant 720nm3/h liquid Oxygen Plant

C2H2 / H2S / SO2 Industrial Air Separation Plant 720nm3/h liquid Oxygen Plant

    • C2H2 / H2S / SO2 Industrial Air Separation Plant 720nm3/h liquid Oxygen Plant
    • C2H2 / H2S / SO2 Industrial Air Separation Plant 720nm3/h liquid Oxygen Plant
    • C2H2 / H2S / SO2 Industrial Air Separation Plant 720nm3/h liquid Oxygen Plant
  • C2H2 / H2S / SO2 Industrial Air Separation Plant 720nm3/h liquid Oxygen Plant

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Certification: ISO9001;2008 CE cetificate
    Model Number: KDON-720Y-1500

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Packed in standard export packing
    Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
    Supply Ability: 100sets month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Oxygen Plant Application: Separate Oxygen From Air
    Oxygen Output: 720 +-5% Cube Meter Per Hour Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption
    Standard: ISO9001;2008 CE Cetificate Purity: 99.6%
    Air Discharge Capacity: 9000m3/h Air Discharge Pressure: 0-1.1mpa

    Air Separation Plant Industrial 720Y-1500 liquid Oxygen Plant With Low Energy Consumption

    1. Equipment design basic conditions

    1.1 Atmospheric conditions of the design points
    Atmospheric Pressure                                          101.3kPa(A)
    Atmospheric Temperature                                     30℃
    Relative Humidity                                               75%
    Atmospheric oxygen content                                  20.95%O2

    1.2 Raw material conditions of air impurities:
    CO2                                                                    ≤350 ppm
    SO2                                                                                                                                         ≤0.44 mg/m3
    H2S                                                                    ≤2.3 mg/m3
    CH4                                                                    ≤5.2mg/m3
    C2H2                                                                   ≤0.03 ppm
    CnHm(Except C2H2)                                         ≤5 ppm
    Dust concentration                                                ≤10mg/m3

    1.3  Power condition                                                                                                         

    High Voltage Power Supply                          10,000V±5%Three-phase three-wire
    Low Voltage Power Supply                           380V/220V±5%AC Three-phase four-wire
    Frequency                                                   50±0.5Hz

        Total installed capacity                                            ~1300KW(Nameplate power)


    2.Main technical data

    2.1 Output and purity(outlet cold box)

    Design condition






    Liquid Oxygen








    ≤10ppm O2





    Second design condition






    Liquid Nitrogen


    ≤10ppm O2






    Remark:Nm3/h means under 0℃,760mmHg

    2.2    Raw air compressor data:
     Air compressor design discharge capacity   ~9,000Nm3/h
     Air compressor discharge pressure                            ~1.1Mpa(A)

    2.3    Operation period between two defrosting times          >2 Years

    2.4    Defrosting time                                                     ~36 Hours

    2.5    Starting Time                                                       ~24 Hours

    2.6    Total electricity consumption                     1,157 kW

    3. Process

    KDON-720Y/1500 air separation plant is based on the different boiling points of each components in the air. The air firstly is pressed, precooled, and got removal of H2O and CO2. After cooling in the medium pressure heat exchanger until reaching to the liquefaction temperature, it rectifies in the column to get liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen.

    This plant is molecular sieve purifying air with turbo expander process.

    After being removed dust and mechanical impurity in the air filter, raw air goes to the air turbine compressor to press the air to 1.1MpaA, and cooled until 10℃ in the air precooling unit. Then it enters into alternate working molecular sieve absorber to remove the H2O,CO2,C2H2.  The clean air is pressed by the expander and goes into the cold box. The presses air can be separated to 2 sections. After being cooled to 256K, one section is draw out to freezing unit 243K, then it is continuously cooled in the main heat exchanger. The cooled air will be draw out to the expander, and a part of expanded air goes into the main heat exchanger to reheat, then it gets out of the cold box. And the other parts go to the upper column. The other section is cooled by counter flow, and goes to the low column after being expanded.

    After air being primarily rectified, we can get liquid air, waste liquid nitrogen and pure liquid nitrogen in the low column. Liquid air, waste liquid nitrogen and pure liquid nitrogen sucked from the low column go to upper column after being cooled liquid and pure liquid nitrogen cooler. After being rectified in the upper column, we can get 99.6% purity liquid oxygen in bottom of the upper column, it goes out as product. A part of nitrogen sucked from the top of the assist column goes out of the cold box as product.

    Waste nitrogen sucked from the top of the upper column goes out of the cold box after being reheated by the cooler and main heat exchanger. Sucked part of it, it goes to molecular sieve purification system as the regenerative air source. Others are vented.




    4. Equipment supply scope

    4.1 Air filter                                                               1 set
    Operation capacity                                              ~18,000m3/h
    Filtration efficiency                                             ≥98%
    Filtration resistance                                              0.8~1.2KPa


    4.2Air compressor                                                        1 set (Atlas Copco or Ingersoll-Rand)
    Discharge capacity                                                  ~9,000m3/h
    Adjusting scope                                                      75%~105%
    Discharge Pressure                                                   ~1.1MPa(A)
    Discharge temperature                                              ≤40℃
    Motor power                                                           ~1120kW
    Shaft power                                                            ~1007kW
    Cooling water temp.                                                ≤30℃
    Cooling water Pressure                                             0.4MPa
    Cooling water consumption                                      ~105t/h

    Scope of supply:

    4.2.1Compressor main body                                 1set

    4.2.2 Main motor                                                    1 set

    4.2.3 Pedestal                                                         1 set

    4.2.4 Fuel supply system                                          1 set

    4.2.5 Gas pipelines and their attachment in the unit  1 set

    4.2.6 Lube pipelines and their attachment in the unit   1 set

    4.2.7 Cooling water pipelines and their attachment in the unit    1 set

    4.2.8 Valves in the boundary region                           1 set

    4.2.9 Anti-surge system                                            1 set

    4.2.10 Inlet guide vane and adjustment system            1 set

    4.2.11 Inter stage cooler                                           1 set

    4.2.12 End stage cooler                                            1 set

    4.2.13 Emptying muffler                                         1 set

    4.2.14 Imported filter                                              1 set

    4.2.15 Anchor bolt                                                  1 set

    4.2.16 Spare parts                                                   1 set


    4.3 Air pre cooling system                                             1 Group
    Discharge capacity                                                   9,000m3/h
    Inlet pressure                                                          ~1.1MPa(A)
    Air inlet temp.                                                       ≤40℃
    Air outlet temp.                                                      ~8℃
    Circulating water inlet pressure                                 0.4MPa
    Circulating water inlet temperature                            ≤30℃
    Circulating water capacity                                        ~50t/h
    Motor power                                                           ~52KW

        Design Shaft power                                                 ~45KW

    Scope of supply:

    4.3.1 Imported cooling compressor                           1 set

    4.3.2 Condenser                                                      1 set

    4.3.3 Evaporator                                                     1 set

    4.3.4 Water separator                                              1 set

    4.3.5 Pipeline valves                                                1 set

    4.3.6Cooling auto control element                             1 set

    4.3.7 Apparatus control panel                                   1 set

    4.3.8 Operating instrument panel                              1 set

    Remark: All parts above is designed packing in a container


    4.4 Air Low Temp. Refrigeration Units              1 group
    Operation capacity                                                   9,000m3/h
    Inlet pressure                                                         ~1.4MPa(G)
    Air inlet temp.                                                       256K
    Air outlet temp.                                                      243K
    Circulating water inlet pressure                                 0.4MPa
    Circulating water inlet temperature                            ≤30℃
    Circulating water capacity                                        ~10t/h
    Motor power                                                           ~35KW

        Design Shaft power                                                 ~30KW

    Scope of supply:

    4.4.1 Imported cooling compressor     1unit

    4.4.2 Condenser                       1unit

    4.4.3 Evaporator                      1unit

    4.4.4 Pipeline valve                  1set

    4.4.5 Cooling auto control element           1set

    4.4.6 Apparatus control panel                1set

    4.4.7 Operating instrument panel             1unit

    Remark: All parts above is designed packing in a container


    4.5 MS Purifier(Auto swift)                                     1 set
    Operation capacity                                                   9,000m3/h
    Working pressure                                                    1.1MPa(A)
    Air inlet temp.                                                        10℃
    Adsorption time                                                      4h
    Electric heater power                                               ~180kW
    The average electric heater power                              ~60kW

    Scope of supply:

    4.5.1Molecular sieve adsorption cylinder(including the molecular sieve)  each one for right and left sides

    4.5.2 Filter                                                             1set

    4.5.3 Electric heater                                                1set

    4.5.4 Auto switch valve                                           1set


    4.6 Rectification column system                                     1 set

    Scope of supply:

    4.6.1 Main heat exchanger                                        1 set

    4.6.2 Upper column                                                1 pc

    4.6.3 Main condense evaporator                                1 pc

    4.6.4 Lower column                                                1 pc

    4.6.5 Sub cooler                                                     1 set

    4.6.6 Pipeline inside the column                               1 set

    4.6.7 Low temp. valves                                           1 set

    4.6.8 Cold box body                                                1 set

    4.6.9 Platform,ladder                                            1 set


    4.7 High-temperature boosting expansion unit                   1 set
    Flow                                                                      ~4,800Nm3/h
    Inlet pressure                                                         ~1.5MPa(A)
    Inlet temp.                                                             ~150K
    Outlet pressure                                                       ~0.12MPa(A)
    Efficiency                                                              ~82%
    Flow                                                                      ~4,800Nm3/h
    Inlet pressure                                                         ~1.1MPa(A)
    Inlet temp.                                                             313K
    Outlet temp.                                                           313K

        Cooling water consumption                                   ~20t/h

    Scope of supply

    4.7.1 Boosting turbine expander main body               1set

    4.7.2 Oil supply equipment                                      1set

    4.7.3 Booster after cooler                                        1pc

    4.7.4 Filter                                                             2sets

    4.7.5 Precision reducing valve(Imported)              1set

    4.7.6 Emergency shut-off valve                                1set

    4.7.7 Booster return valve                                        1pc

    4.7.8 Specific tools                                                  1set

    4.7.9 Spare parts (Include 1pc of rotor)                1set


    4.8 Low temp. expander system            1 set
    Flow                                                                      ~2,000Nm3/h
    Inlet pressure                                                         1.1MPa(A)
    Inlet temp.                                                             112K
    Outlet pressure                                                       0.56MPa(A)
    Scope of supply

    4.8.1 Turbine expander main body                           1unit

    4.8.2 Instrument panel                                            1pc

    4.8.3 Filter                                                             2sets

    4.8.4 Specific tools                                                  1set

    4.8.5 Spare parts(Include 1pc of rotor)                  1set


    4.9 Liquid oxygen storage tank and filling Vehicle Systems 1set

    Scope of supply:

    4.9.1 Liquid oxygen storage tank                                     1pc(Installed in customer’s site)

    Type:                                                                  Vertical,pearlite isolation

    Effective volume                                                     200m3
    Design pressure                                                       Normal pressure

    4.9.2 Liquid oxygen filling pump for vehicle                    1pc(Imported)
    Type                                                                     Centrifugal
    Transmission flow                                                 18m3/h
    Working pressure                                                  0.6MPa(G)


    4.10 Liquid nitrogen storage and filling system 1set

    Scope of supply:

    4.10.1 Liquid nitrogen storage tank                              1pc
    Type:                                                                 Vertical,Vacuum Insulated
    Effective volume                                                  50m3
    Design pressure                                                     0.8MPaG

    4.10.2 Liquid nitrogen filling pump for vehicle                 1pc(Imported)
    Type                                                                     Centrifugal
    Transmission flow                                                 18m3/h
    Working pressure                                                   0.6MPa(G)


    5. Instrument control system

    5.3 Instrument system scope of supply

    5.3.1 DCS (Distribution Control System)                               1set
    Main hardware
    17 inch Color LCD operation station                           2sets
    Printer                                                                     2units
    Control station(Include control dealer and all kinds of

    I/O cards etc.)                                                       1set
    Auxiliary terminal board and Communication cable    1set
    System software                                                     1set

    5.3.2 Main instruments
    UPS                                                                        1set
    Pressure,Differential Pressure Transmitter                 1set
    All types of adjusting valves                                      1set
    solenoid valve                                            1set
    solenoid valve                                            1set
    Platinum thermal resistance                                        1set

    5.3.3 Analyser                                                                    About 5sets

    Carbon dioxide analyzer(Imported)                       1unit
    Pure oxygen analyzer                                              1unit
    Trace oxygen analyzer                                             1unit
    Trace water analyzer                                                1unit
    Oxygen analyzer                                                      1unit

    5.3.4 Other instruments:                                                    1set
    Include: Double mental thermometer, vane level gauge, boll-float level gauge,flash alarm,pressure controller,three valves block,low temperature heater,and mental flowmeter, etc. Tie-in and root valves on measuring point of utility project pipelines are contained in the scope of supply of the project design


    5.3.5 Instrument panel beside the machine

    Molecular sieve electromagnetism valve panel                1set
    Panel beside the expander                                          1 set
    Valve stand for analysis and sampling                         1 set
    Complete sets of panels for online analyzer                 1 set
    Switch board                                                                   1 set
    Emergency button operating board                              1 set
    (The wires and pipes of above instrument panel will be delivery after finishing assemblage)




    6. Electric control system


    6.3Type selection of electrical circuitry equipment(Take the final design as the standard)

    6.3.1High voltage switchgear
    Model                                                                       mid-set type vacuum switchgear  
    Quantity                                                                   ~1set

    6.3.2 Low voltage switchgear
    Model                                                                       withdrawable switchgear
    Technical parameter                                                   380V 35KA
    Defense stage                                                            IP23
    Quantity                                                                   ~5sets

    6.3.3Pwoer adjusting panel                                                    1set



    7Scope of buyer to manage

    8.1 The buyer should guarantee that raw air quality of the inlet can satisfy to the requirement of attachment 1

    8.2 Power supply transformer in the workshop

    8.3 Lighting preventing equipment of workshop, distillation column, outdoor tank and oxygen pipes.

    8.4 All civil construction and engineering materials include lighting, sanitation, water supply and drainage, communication, indoor air conditioning, fire control, heating device as well as lifting device inside workshop..

    8.5 Circulate cooling water system, cooling water pipes spread until 1 meter in the air separation boundary area

    8.6 Machine material and oil for the plant running (Show the list when first examination)

    8.7 Instrument air for the test running, linkage debugging and start-up

    8.8 High voltage leads to the high voltage panel, and low voltage leads to the low voltage panel

    8.9 Other parts that was clearly mentioned in this contract.








    FOB Shanghai USD



    Air filter






    Air compressor






    Air precooling system




    Including the water separator


    Air Low Temp. Refrigeration Units






    MS Purifier




    Including Molecular sieve


    Purification heater






    Rectification column system






    High-temperature boosting expansion unit






    Low temp. expander system






    Instrument control system




    DCS control


    Electric control system






    Liquid oxygen storage and filling system




    Buyer prepare


    Liquid nitrogen storage and filling system




       Buyer prepare











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    We Hang Zhou tai lian  Co., Ltd. is a gas plant and machinery supplier which is special faced to Bangladesh market.

    Our supply scope has: air separation plant (gas oxygen plant, liquid oxygen plant, nitrogen plant), acetylene plant, hydrogen plant, CNG station plant, etc.

    Also we are exporting gas plant related items: air compressor, oxygen compressor, liquid oxygen pump, oxygen/nirtogen/argon cylinders, cylinder valves, regulators, cylinder testing machines.

    We have more than 10 companies corporated in Bangladesh.

    We have the Ce certificate

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    High voltage 10000V
    Low voltage 380V/220V
    Frequency 50Hz
    Liquid oxygen output 720nm3/h
    Gaseous nitrogen 1500nm3/h
    Liquid oxygen purity 99.60%
    Nitrogen purity <10ppm O2
    Total installed capacity 0-1300kw

    C2H2 / H2S / SO2 Industrial Air Separation Plant 720nm3/h liquid Oxygen Plant





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