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High Purity 99.6% 100nm3/h Industrial Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

High Purity 99.6% 100nm3/h Industrial Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

    • High Purity 99.6% 100nm3/h Industrial Cryogenic Air Separation Plant
    • High Purity 99.6% 100nm3/h Industrial Cryogenic Air Separation Plant
  • High Purity 99.6% 100nm3/h Industrial Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Certification: ISO9001;2008 CE cetificate
    Model Number: KZO-100

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Packed in standard export packing
    Delivery Time: 60working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
    Supply Ability: 100sets month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Oxygen Plant Application: Separate Oxygen From Air
    Oxygen Output: 100 +-5% Cube Meter Per Hour Feature: Long Service Life Low Energy Consumption
    Standard: ISO9001;2008 CE Cetificate Purity: 99.6%
    Starting Pressure: 1.3mpa Starting Time: 0-10hours

    99.6% Air Separation Plant KZO-100   Industrial Oxygen Plant With Low Energy Consumption


    1. Basic condition of design(needs buyer’s  confirmation)


    Design point of Atmosphere

    Ø  Atmosphere pressure


    Ø  Atmosphere tempt.


    Ø  Relative humidity


    Ø  O2 contained in the air


    Air Tempt.

    Ø  Annual average tempt.


    Ø  Max. Tempt.


    Ø  Min. Tempt.


    Ø  Average temp. in the summer


    Ø  Average temp. in the winter


    Ø  Earthquake intensity:

    <6 degree

    Ø  Altitude:


    Impurity in the air:

    Ø  CO2

    ≤350 ppm

    Ø  SO2

    ≤0.44 mg/m3

    Ø  H2S

    ≤2.3 mg/m3

    Ø  CH4


    Ø  C2H2

    ≤0.03 ppm

    Ø  CnHm(exceptC2H2)

    ≤5 ppm

    Ø  Impurity content


    Power condition

    Ø  LV

    220V±5%3 phases and 3 ways

    Ø  Frequency


    Ø  Installed capacity

    ~170KW(indicated on nameplate)




    Annex 2. Main parameters for the air separation plant


    Production capacity, purity:


    capacity (Nm3/h)







    Condition of production(0℃,101.325Kpa)

    starting pressure


    plant running period

    12 months

    starting time

    ~10 hours

    Annex 3. Process brief description
    1. Raw air enters air filter for removal of dust and other mechanical impurity, then it goes to muzzle screw air compressor to be compressed to about 1.3Mpa (indicated on pressure gauge). After that, it goes to , precooling unit via oil filter and cooler to be cooled to  5~10℃,then goes to MS purification system for absorbing of moisture, CO2 and CnHm.  MS absorber purifier consists of 2 vessels . While one MS absorber is working, the other is regenerated by waste nitrogen via heater to regenerate the M.S.
    2.    After purified, a small part of air is used as bearing gas for gas bearing expansion turbine. The rest is divided into 2 parts. One part enters cold box in which it is cooled in main heat exchanger by reflux(expanded waste nitrogen ). The other flows into vaporazing heat exchanger of high pressure liquid oxygen in the the cold box, which is cooled by liquid oxygen. Then they joints together in the middle of main heat exchanger, after being cooled again, it enters the air side of main heat exchanger in the column with rated moisture. Air is scuked after being liquified from main cooler and goes to top of column via sbcooler as relux.
    3. Liquid oxygen is sucked form mian cooler and goes to high pressure oxygen heat exchanger after being boosted by lox pump. Then liquid oxygen is heated by air to be delivered out of column as production.
    4. Compressed waste nitrogen is suncked from top of upper column and goes to the expansion turbine. The expanded waste nitrogen is heated in the main heat exchanger, then flows to M.S. purifier as regenerative air.
    5. For safety, please drain part of liquid air out of column to avoid accumulation of hydrocarbon, especially C2H2.


    O2 output 100nm3/h
    O2 purity 99.60%
    O2 pressure 0-15mpa
    Low voltage 220V
    Frequency 60Hz
    Installed capacity 170kw
    Starting time 0-10hours
    Starting pressure 1.3mpa

    High Purity 99.6% 100nm3/h Industrial Cryogenic Air Separation Plant


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